27 fling boogie

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(Cute picture of newborn Jersey Calf, just for the fun of it!)

I am crazy busy today, it’s one of those days! Yesterday was like that too, and alas, I didn’t get a nice big blog post written for you! I’m going to give you this thought for the day though….

Taken again, from Flylady (Check her out!), there is two variations of the 27 fling boogie.

#1- 27 fling boogie of garbage.
Get a garbage bag and pick up 27 pieces of garbage or recycling from all around your house. You’d be suprised the little things you find in your bedroom, bathroom, on the desk! This is fun to do with children as well, get them involved!

#2-27 fling boogie of thrift and gift
Go around your house with a box, collecting items you don’t use, that can be passed onto someone you know, or to the thrift store. Check bookshelves, for magazines, handsoaps or creams that just don’t get used! The kitchen is such a hotspot for gadgets that don’t get used as well. Repeat this often until you can’t find a single thing to get rid of! De-clutter our house, de-clutters our life. What about your closets? Do you wear everything that is in there? Shoes? Don’t we all have too many shoes we don’t wear? Less clutter is less things to clean around, less things to put back when your toddler throws them around and frees up space. (Maybe for a functional pair of sandals this summer, instead of the 6 pairs of fashionista unpractical sandals from years ago).

Take this thought with you today, and try it out sometime. It’s so liberating.

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