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Happy Valentines Day!

While trying to find a picture that someone represented Valentines day, or Love, all I found was pictures of teeny  fish we never actually ate,

Four great-grand children laying together


A cute little Squirrel


My Stepdad and I milking, with Poppa holding the kicker rope. We don’t usually have a kicker rope, but she had a sore udder and thought it was a fantastic idea to kick the bucket on a regular basis. The kicker rope gets pulled tight around their abdomen, in front of the udder, right tight in the hip socket. For some reason, this helps. If I were a 200lb 6′ 2″ man (Cowboy anyone?) I could milk with my shoulder in the same place, or put a fist there, and it would do the same. But alas, I am nowhere near that. And my Stepdad couldn’t fathom the coordination to milk and do that. (See how wide her back legs are? That is a fantastic stance for milking, because it allows access to the back teat which is the smallest and hardest to milk. Hello hand cramps!)


This ca-yute picture of Mac!



And Mac, driving the tractor. (Don’t worry, Grandpa is tucked down in there out of sight)



Happy Valentines Day,


Don’t think of it as a day to buy candies and spend money on gifts or cards. Bake some cookies to decorate, make a homemade card! Much more heartfelt and easier on the wallet. I treasure every homemade card I’ve ever been given.




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