I made a mistake…

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Apparently in my post, Heaven, it sounds like I don’t know my brother-in-law to be!


I do! I know him very well. I know that he’s French Canadian and has a last name that sounds like “Goat Cheese”, if you say if just right!

But don’t tell him I said that.

I know that he likes the following

Chevy Diesels




Eating seafood

Digging seafood at a horrible time of night when it’s an appropriate low tide and he’s on vacation visiting us. (I went digging too, it was something like 1 am when there was a good low tide! Ugh!)

My sister, Gingersnap!

Making Pizza

Saying Frick

Mac, he really did like playing with Mac

His darn trailcam that took 2,500 pictures in one night of a plastic bag flicking back and forth



So do you get the point yet that I know him and think he’s a great guy?

And a big goof. But he loves my sister, so what more could I ask for?


He also loves goat hunting, here’s proof!

5 thoughts on “I made a mistake…

  1. p.s. he loves posing with MY goat that I shot! or rather, he loves encouraging me to hike a huge tall mountain even though i repeatedly tell him “i hate you” throughout the entire ascent.

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