Uncle Bear

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When Drillerman was gone last, I wrote a little post about him, it made Gingersnap happy.


Wait, was it last time he was gone? Or the time before? The time before maybe? I don’t know, but right now he’s gone again. If you’re reading this Drillerman? Gingersnap says you can come home now, she’ll even shave her legs!


Back to the original topic of course, that being one of my other brother-in-laws. (I have 5 all together!) Uncle Bear and my Sister #2 moved away with my precious Amy Jane a gazillion years ago.


Oh it was only the middle of April? It felt like forever. I really miss Amy. I mean all of them. So Uncle Bear (That’s what Mac calls him), went drilling, just like Drillerman, of course, and Amy Jane really misses him. I mean, I’m sure Sister #2 does, I know she does.


But it hurts a lot more when this gal does.

How sweet is she?!


So in lieu of whining more about Uncle Bear being gone, and Amy Jane missing him so much. I’m going to share a couple pictures of Uncle Bear, along with what is so neat about him! Just like I did with Drillerman.

(Can you TELL I’m aiming for brownie points that will get my babysitting with Sister #2 come to visit next week!?)


A year ago, Cowboy, with the help of Stepdad and Uncle Bear, set up and poured concrete in my Mom’s carport and down below in her porch. Looks 10000X better now of course! These are the only photos I could find of him on my computer!



It’s safe to say he was the Wheelbarrow B*tch here!

Uncle Bear is really hard working.


He likes to eat, and that’s an understatement.


Protein is his friiiiend.


He makes wicked cottage cheese pancakes!


But I’ve never seen him make anything else.


Beside Roobis Tea of course. He drinks that like it’s going out of style baby!


He likes to chill with Amy Jane and watch a movie.


Or doing crazy things like go for runs or push ups or pull ups or WHATEVER.


Oh, and I lied. I found another picture of him on my computer. He was berry picking.





0 thoughts on “Uncle Bear

  1. he made apple pie a couple of months ago. but molly made him use whole wheat for the crust so it was a touch…. gritty. not his fault. then he made banana bread and again molly made him sub out all the good stuff, so it was a touch….dry…. again-not his fault. he should just kick sister#2 out of the kitchen and let drillerman teach him the ropes of killer cookies and foccaccia bread! (no whole wheat there!!! haha)

    1. Haha, yeah Sister #2 should be kicked out of the kitchen when Uncle Bear is trying to bake! Maybe Drillerman should teach Uncle Bear how to make 2 stick of butter cookies too?

  2. sorry, i need a reciple clarification here. did you say 2 sticks or 2 ‘bricks’.
    drillerman is nothing if not utterly thorough with his recipes now…to the point of annoying. 3 years later and he still wont trust himself enough to know that the bread dough has risen enough! he still calls me into the kitchen to ask if it’s ‘doubled’ and i’m like: well i didn’t see it when it started…but sure!

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