Christmas at our House!

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Well we had a very merry Christmas around here, because Cowboy had 3 days off, we spent a BUNCH of time with my Mom, Stepdad and Stepdad’s Dad, and my other cousins as well. That is what makes the season for us.

To satisfy Gingersnap though, here are some pictures that Cowboy took Christmas morning! Well, I took one of them. (the one of him of course!)

Cowboy made this logging truck for Mac. He said he always wanted one when he was little, (his dad is in the logging industry, specifically a tree faller) and was very jealous of Mac. It’s so special, and Mac just adores it!

This is the sewing machine that Cowboy gave me for Christmas (!!!!!) and I am so excited for it.  I know how to sew a bit, but I still getting to know this machine. I’ll share my progress with you as I learn and sew things! On my list are sweatpants for Mac (he won’t wear anything else), new pillowcases for us and cloth napkins. We love using cloth over paper and disposable.

Mac loves Curious George. So we gave him a box of Curious George Bandaids. He’s already used well over half. And I can see the other half scattered on my floor right now.

You can tell that Cowboy was taking pictures, because OF COURSE he had to take a picture of the Muley Buck Shoulder Mount! This is our friend Jonathon’s. He just moved and we’ve got it for safe keeping until he comes back with a truck to get the rest of his stuff in a few months. He told Cowboy he could hang it up on the wall. To say he was pleased would be an understatement. This picture doesn’t do it justice…it’s ears are about 8 inches long.

And here is the single picture of Cowboy. Can you tell I woke him up and he’s straight from bed? That’s quite the hair! Him and Mac were opening up a little wooden plane. (Which the parts for were broken! I need to contact Lee Valley…)

So we hope you had  a great Christmas, because the most important part of it is of course spending time with Family. My Mom took more pictures, maybe I’ll get some of those form her…

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