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Grocery shop!

I was as good as a hot damn this week grocery shopping! I was in early, under budget! If you remember, I’ve challenged myself for Janurary to spend half my grocery budget a week.  So that means that instead of $140, I just have $70. This seems high, but we have higher grocery prices on my island, and we also aren’t happy eating the cheapest, quickest food. We want quality, healthy, local and organic if possible food!

I only spent $50 last week, so I had $90 for this week. I spent $41.35 at Country Grocer

The celery and cashews were half of this! And I don’t even buy organic nuts! (CAN’T afford to!!)

Cashews and cornnuts for Cowboy’s trailmix. He doesn’t really take a lunch break, as he prefers to come home 1/2 an hour earlier, than take two 15 min and one 30 min break. So they just make a quick stop, and he wants something he can eat fast, often on the go (if he has to go pick up supplies at the lumber store) and of course they need to be healthy! (So just ignore the crispy minis, k?)

Organic celery for Poppa’s snacking (I’m the primary caregiver to my maternal grandfather, Poppa, who has shortterm memory loss, and therefore weight issues, this is a primo snack for him!)

Bananas to chop and freeze for smoothies.

Green onions and yeast…because we needed them! (Cowboy won’t eat regular onions)

As well as navy beans, kidney beans, pearl barley and pinto beans for Ezekiel Flour. I’ve never made it, but I’ve already got the wheat, spelt and millet, which are the more expensive parts of this. I have a feeling this will be just what I need for baking things like Mom’s Bran Muffins and Nint’s Smores (Which actually have no marshmallows or graham crackers, but are a super easy tasty family recipe cookie!)

And just ignore the crispy mini’s, it was an onsale super cheap impulse buy. DARN.


I’ve got to go to the other grocery store tomorrow, because there is a few things on sale that I want from there, such as organic oranges and broccoli ($1.69 a lb instead of $4!), Local pears, sakata rice crackers and tortillas. I estimate this will be about $25, and with maybe $10 spent at a farm stand later in the week, I’ll still be under budget AGAIN, and have $15 to roll over to next week. I guess I should have made it lower and challenged myself more?!


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