Spilled Milk-A life lesson

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Everyone tells you,

Don’t cry over spilled milk

And you laugh, because it’s funny, and why would you cry over a bit of spilled milk.



And then it happens. Picture this on a dark and stormy night in 2008

It’s dark out, you’re with your then boyfriend heading to milk the cow.

It’s late, you were late getting to it, and it’s really dark.

Which sucks for milking, by the way.

Before you know it, you’re into it, finally enjoying it, and the 14 litre stainless steel bucket is ringing with the squirts of warm, steaming milk.

Before you know it there is ten litres in the bucket.

This is exciting, because it’s the most we’d ever gotten.

The black cat, Panther, slips up into the stall, enjoying the light our headlamp brings.

Enjoying the heat our cow gives off.

And then it happens.

The cow sees the cat.

The cat perks up and notices the cow.

The cow startles and kicks the bucket.

10 litres of warm, foaming, hard earned milk goes flowing out of the stall and soaks into the ground.

You cry, because you’re pregnant, because your hands are sore for nothing and you cry at everything.

Your boyfriend is pissed off, because we needed that milk.

We needed that milk to nourish our bodies. 

And then you realize it.

That there is nothing you can do about it, what’s done is done.

It’s gone, kaput, down the drain.

So while I cried about it, there was no use, I couldn’t change what happened and I learned not to cry over spilled milk.



We’ve found that many euphanisms that come from farming have more truth then you know. The day we were giving injections to sick pigs, we learnt many.

“Squeal like a pig”

Yup, that hurt my ears.

“Eyes like a pig”

Golly, those are tiny little beaty eyes.

“Squeal like a stuck pig”

Well darn, it sure did holler loud when I put it in a corner.

So now when I spill milk, whether it’s because the cow kicked the bucket (luckily we’ve never lost a whole bucket again), or you walked to fast with a full bucket and a bit sloshed out. Or you were filling your toddlers bottle and this happens:

You laugh, because in the grand scheme of things?


A little spilled is not worth your tears and frustrations.

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