Menu Plan…Sunday?

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I’m sharing early this week, as I had it ready early and have so many other recipes I want to share with you next week!


For Breakfast

We usually have oatmeal, toast, the odd bowl of cereal or pancakes.

For Lunch

We have leftovers! Sometimes soup too.

Dinner is our main meal, and this is what I’ve planned…

I’m REALLY trying to use up little bits from our freezer and an (F) means it’s something from the freezer, (C) means it’s something I’ve canned.


Potstickers (F), Rice and crispy broiled green beans (C) (Make extra rice for Wednesday)


Big Game Round Steaks, Mashed Potatoes (F), raw broccoli, celery and dip.


Roast Chicken, Green Onion Fried Rice, spinach salad (Every now and again I’ll treat myself to some organic out of season greens in the winter)


Bear Sausage, Roast Potatoes, applesauce (C), broccoli, celery and dip. Applesauce and Sausages is one of my most favourite things ever!


Spag +Meatballs (F). I’ll put pumpkin in the tomato sauce, because you don’t even know it’s there!


Chili (F) and Nachos


Sesame Honey Chicken Wings/Drumettes with Quinoa (F) and spinach salad.


I hope I’ve inspired you to meal plan, try new recipes, go to the grocery store less (thus saving yourself time, which you can spend doing better things) and above all, menu planning saves you money! And a bunch of stress over the “Oh my goodness it’s 5 pm and what the heck are we having for dinner!?”

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