Menu Plan Monday!

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This week was an odd one for groceries and menus. Last week we were snowed in and used up many things as we couldn’t go grocery shopping. I didn’t really have to buy many groceries except fresh veggies/fruit I picked up at a local market.


For Breakfast

We usually have oatmeal, toast, the odd bowl of cereal or pancakes.

For Lunch

We have leftovers! Sometimes soup too.

Dinner is our main meal, and this is what I’ve planned…



Bacon Wrapped Night. This is Cowboy and his friend JD’s idea, we’re having Venison Tenderloins, Backstraps, lobster and scallops all wrapped in bacon. JD bought the lobster and scallops. I think we need a big ol’ spinach salad with this one!!


Venison Broccoli + Rice


Honey Sesame Chicken Wings/Drumettes with roast potatoes, veggies and dip (Bumped from last week)


Lucky Venison Stew (I’ll share this recipe next week…it’s a great, simple and kinda classier, fancier stew. One you wouldn’t hesitate to serve to guests)


Venison steak with roasted potato wedges and spinach salad. Don’t know what rub I’m using yet, want a kinda different one


Bacon Chowder w/ Veggies and dip (I’ll share this recipe too, think clam chowder, without the clams! I don’t like clams so this is what I make when my husband craves choweder 🙂 )


Nacho’s with Veggies and Dip (Bumped from last week too). This will be a nice simple dinner for us!


What’s in your menu this week?! I’d love if you posted in the comments so I’d have ideas for next week!!

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  1. Bacon wrapped night – GREAT IDEA!!!! We had bacon tonight too (from North End Farms), but we just added it to Sweet potato, carrot and ginger soup that I made on the weekend (so not as exciting as your menu).

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