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Menu Plan Monday+7 goals for 7 days

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I’ve ditched my my January challenge, but you’ll find my conclusion here.


I think it’ll be a midsize grocery shop this week, cashews and the local honey I buy are on sale, which means I’ll be dropping abut $20 on each, so my grocery bill jumps fast that way. Last week ended up being an unofficial comfort food one bowl meal week. We were all craving them and ended up having things like stew, chowder, and jambalaya. I’ve got all of them photographed and written down so you’ll see them this week!


Without further ado, here is our menu plan for the week!

For Breakfast

We usually have oatmeal, toast, the odd bowl of cereal or pancakes.

For Lunch

We have leftovers! Sometimes soup too.

For Dinner, 

it’s our main meal of the day and this is what we’re having:


Buddah Kohl.

I have some kale I need to use so this will we the ticket!


Samosas (I’ll make the yogurt dough on Monday)


Chili (I’ll make extra for the weekend)


Chicken wings, roast potatoes, veggies and dip. This has been bumped weeks in a row now, but maybe we’ll get there this week!


Hamburgers. Mac has been asking for ‘hunkaburgers and fries’ for week now, so we’ll have them, but without things like tomatoes because they aren’t in season right now. I will have organic spinach and pickles for them though.

The Weekend
We don’t have plans for either day, but weather pending, one day we’ll have a fire either on the beach or at my Mom’s house and cook potatoes in tinfoil, and roast meat chunks (cut up roast or steak). It’s a fun alternative to cooking hot dogs or sausages, especially since I refuse to buy hot dogs. This is such a great fellowship activity for our family, because a meal lasts 3 hours while we sit around the fire and just talk to each other. It’s obviously not as nice in the rain, so we’ll just play the weather by ear. The fresh air doesn’t do you any harm either!
 The other day we’ll have leftover chili.
7 goals for 7 days
This is a new thing I’m sharing, but something I’ve done with myself for a while. I like to set some goals for personal, family and around the house things I’d like to be done that week.
  1. Organize storage area. This is an indoor storage area we have that has gotten in disarray. I’d like to get everything restacked and easy to get into!
  2. Mac’s clothes. I have a bunch of things I’m saving, some for him to get rid of, I want to get them into labeled boxes, I was just given a bunch more and they are uber disorganized.
  3. Heating questionarre. This is an insurance thing, I needed to get it done months ago, and I just about finished it, and then Mac spilled his water all over and wrecked it. Gotta get a new one now…
  4. Yoga 3 times. I’ve been doing 20 min podcast yoga classes that are fantastic! They are free (if you like them they ask for a $.25 donation per class) and this is their website: http://www.yogadownload.com/. I plan to set up a paypal account so that I can donate, because they are very helpful for me and I can easily do them during Mac’s naptime, while still getting a couple other things done.
  5. Finish my Sister’s wedding present. I obviously can’t share what it is, because she’ll read it, but I’ll share it when I’m done!
  6. Plan blog posts for the next month. I’ll be away for a week, but still want something for you to read!
  7. Have 3 computer free days. I used to do this all the time but have gotten a little, cough cough, too attached to the computer at times. When I put it away for a day, I don’t miss it, so this will be a priority for me. It also means planning ahead on my blogging so that I don’t miss a post.



Do you have goals for the week? Have you thought about it? I also like to write “10 things for today” lists with things ranging from Do Yoga, Spend 20 min outside (this always stretches to an hour or more, but it just gets me out with Mac, even when it’s crappy out), Clean Kitchen, Dust Fans, Put 1 load laundry through. The great satisfaction in having all 10 things crossed off is so fabulous. It can be simple things too! Like “Have lunch by 1”. As a parent we put ourselves after our kids, but our nutrition and exercise can’t go by the wayside, or our health will too and we won’t be in the position to be a happy, healthy parent like we all want to be!


This bit of organization I do at the beginning of the week is fun to me, and I love having simple things planned out that make the rest of my week go smoother!

0 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday+7 goals for 7 days

  1. I usually keep a running “weekend to do” list, but your organization blows my mind. I’m lucky if I can be organized enough to take something out of the freezer for dinner before I leave for work in the morning, let alone actually plan a whole week of meals! (Which I should really try to do…) Your family bonfire sounds really fun – apparently the weather is supposed to clear up for the weekend 🙂

    1. Because my day has very little structure (being stay at home mom and all) I find it makes it easier to get things done and not procrastinate or be lazy if I structure a few things. Meals and rough to-do lists do that for me! By no means to I ‘schedule’ our days, it just wouldn’t work for us!

  2. Love your goals for this week, hun! I have a few to follow as well, more work related, but all the same. 🙂 I’m with Korena too when it comes with to-do lists, mine runs through the week. It ebbs and flows in its length, but I’m ok with it! A great tip i recently read somewhere about getting things crossed off/achieveing your goals is making them specific, instead of two words. Committing to something specific makes it easier to do because you don’t even have to think how you’re going to do it! Just like your goals for this week! xo

    1. I find if I make 7-10 big goals for the week, and then about 10 goals for a day (something as easy as do 20 min yoga!) I get those done, and I feel great that I’ve got them done, then I can just hand out with Mac and not worry about anything else.


    love, me

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