Menu Plan Monday+7 for 7 goals

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I’m considering switching my menu plan’s to sharing on Sunday, as I usually write them on Sunday. Most people also have Sunday off, meaning they are better off making a menu plan that day as well. Maybe my posting it that day will encourage you to do yours at the beginning of the week as well?

What do you think? Please comment below!


I’m going away on the 15th, until the 21st for my Sister #2’s wedding, so I’m not going to grocery shop until then, making sure that there is absolutely nothing that will go bad in our fridge. As if you know my husband, you know that he won’t really look in the fridge besides to grab a drink of milk. He’ll mostly be eating at a friend/neighbours house. Cowboy isn’t big on cooking, so I talked to friends of ours and they’re more than happy for him to drop in for dinner.


For Breakfast…

We’ll have oatmeal, smoothies and pancakes.

For Lunch…

We’ll have leftovers!

For Dinner…


Cheesy baked orzo with chicken and spinach. This is a fly by the seat of my pants meal inspired by the fact that I have White Stilton my Mom made that has to be used. It’ll probably have some of the Edam she made too.


Leek and Potato Soup. I make it pureed, so I’m going to hide some cauliflower and kale in there as well. Of course I put bacon in too 🙂


Chinese Venison Broccoli+rice. I think this has been bumped a couple weeks now, so it’s GOTTA be made now, cause that Broccoli needs to be used.


Cheese and Wine Venison Stew from The Girls Guide to Guns and Butter.


Chicken Strips+Potato Fries+veg and dip. I’ve never made chicken strips…I usually ask Cowboy for a meal idea if I’m stuck and he asked for this. My cousin makes a great one, and I’ll play around making something similar.

The Weekend

One day we’ll have leftover Leek and Potato Soup.

Weather pending we’ll have Potato and Meat “Fire Pockets”, basically tinfoil packages of dinner that gets chucked in the fire to be cooked. I’m looking forward to experimenting on this.

If the weather is a total bust both days…then I’ll fly by the seat of my pants for what we’re having the second day. Breakfast for dinner is always great.



Now for my goals!

I failed last week. Majorly didn’t get more than half of them done. I did many other things, just forgot about my list. Definitely easing up on goals, but really needing to get all of them done.

7 goals for 7 days

1) Storage Area. Heellloooo, this is a toughy that’s been put off 3 weeks now. It’s going to take me a couple hours, and it’s going to be a giant mess before it gets better.

2) Yoga 3 different times. Mom gave me a 25 min yoga DVD I’m going to try out!

3) Clean under couches. I want to get rid of all the bits that end up there, and sweep/mop. This week I’m working on the living room/eating area, so a few goals are based there.

4)Book cupboard organized, what doesn’t belong on top…OUT OF THERE. Cowboys’ got house plans, ear muffs, arrowheads, deer antlers, all ontop of our stand alone 5 ft high closet. They all need to find new homes. Plans should really go to the work truck.

5) 3 computer free days. This is a toughy. It’s so hard to not just check your e-mail, or pop on Facebook. Soooo, I’m making myself spend 3 days with the computer turned off. If I think of something I want to look up, I’ll write it down on a list on the fridge, and do it another day. Have to be organized enough to print off the recipe for stew. Except I’m pretty sure the printer is out of ink, and I bought the wrong size cartridges. So it’s hand writing it out!

6) 50 things to thrift. I have too many kitchen utensils, it’s driving me nuts. I’m also going to grab a few things from my closet. As well as when I go through the storage area I’ll end up with more things. I plan to go through all of Mac’s clothes, ones I have put away as well, so that will give me more. I have a feeling that Jerky gun is going to go as well…I bought it at a garage sale, used it once and FAILED, and haven’t used it since. Maybe 6-8 months ago. Considering I’ve gone through hunting season without using it once, it’s time to go.

7) Bring all recycling to bottle return and recycling depot. I never let it stack up! Except now we have 2 large black garbage bags full and I’m not sure how it got there…darn. That’s going to be an interesting one considering It’s closed Monday, and Tues/Wed/Thurs Cowboys taking my car to work and the truck is getting worked on. I may get it done Friday. Ugh, now that I look at this goal, it’s pretty unrealistic, but I’m going to challenge myself to get it done.

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