Going Away

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Tomorrow I’m going away to my sisters wedding and not getting home until the middle of next week. Cowboy can’t come, he’s got to work, so it’s just Mac and I. I’ve got a few scheduled posts to share, but posting will be light! You might have noticed I didn’t post a menu plan, that’s because we’re just eating up what we have to from the fridge. There won’t be one next week either, because I don’t get back until next week. Instead, it’s just other fun posts and recipes. Here is a few photos of Cowboy and Mac hammering and using Cowboy’s impact driver. Which is kind of like a drill just for driving screws.





See the hammers in the background? Mac uses a full size one. Why do I give my 2 1/2 yr old a full size hammer? Well, he’s not got a lot of strength to throw it around, so he’s learning how to use it before he has enough strength to really hurt himself. He’s hit himself a few times, but he hasn’t since. He really enjoys himself too! He’s surprisingly accurate as well.


While we were out these I said “You know it’s bad when your toddler is better with a hammer than you are.” Cowboy said, “You must mean yourself, because I’m a carpenter and darn good with a hammer!!”

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