Menu Plan Monday

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I missed making a menu plan last week! It’s a big part of my week that I look forward to.

I shopped at the end of last week and I’m not planning to go back until next week. I’ve got lots of frozen and and canned vegetables that I put up this summer and I want to use them up.

For Breakfast we’ll have oatmeal, smoothies and pancakes/waffles. Yum!

For Lunch we’ll have leftovers or soup.

For Dinner we’ll have…


Ginger Venison w/ leftover confetti Rice. I usually make this recipe with a cut up roast or steaks but I want to try it out with ground meat to see how it goes.


The Pioneer Woman’s balsamic pork…with venison cutlets. I don’t have pork, but I sure have venison! We’ll have it with roast potatoes and coleslaw


Big Game Round Steaks


Bear Sausage+Applesauce+mashed potatoes


Ham+Scalloped Potatoes+Garlicky green beans. I’ve got a ten pound bone in ham in my freezer, yes!


Ham+Eggs+Hashbrowns. I’ll get Cowboy to make dinner this night because he makes a wicked pan of fried eggs and potatoes. Ham will be reheated from the night before! We’ll have a fruit with no yogurt smoothie along with dinner to give us some servings of fruit/veg!


Chicken Noodle Soup and biscuits. I want to try making egg noodles.

What are you eating this week?

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