Menu Plan Monday

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Here we are at another week! Another Menu Plan! This week I had some issues. I don’t know why but it seemed harder than usual to come up with what we were going to eat. Do you ever get weeks like that? 

For Breakfast,

We’ll have pancakes, oatmeal, toast and smoothies

For Lunch,

We usually have leftovers during the week, and on the weekend we often make soup or bacon and eggs. Cowboy works on jobsites without a place to warm up or do anything with his lunch, it needs to be able to be eaten while sitting in his work truck. (He’s a carpenter). He doesn’t pack his lunch by the day, but rather will put enough food in his truck for a week. This usually includes apples or carrots (Obviously not in really warm weather), homemade granola bars or trail mix. He’s weird about his trailmix….no chocolate! I make it for his with different seeds, nuts and sometimes dried apples. While most guys bring a big lunch, he prefers to just have protein packed snacks to eat quickly if he’s hungry. When he gets home he almost ALWAYS grabs himself a bowl of cashews to tide him over until dinner.

At Dinnertime,

We eat pretty early, 5:30-6 is average, unless it’s a more involved dinner that couldn’t have earlier prep, because I milk the cow at 4 pm everyday and don’t get home until 4:45.

You’ll notice we eat meat at every meal. This is because we believe good quality, wild or homegrown meat is very good for you. We don’t eat large quantities, a pound of meat usually goes for the 4 of us, often with leftovers, but we do eat meat everyday.


Bear Sausage+Applesauce+Quinoa. I’m off island all day and this will be a quick dinner to make!


Test run on Seehk Kebabs for Saturday night! I think we’ll eat them with leftover quiona and green beans. (I canned a LOT. I like to toss in olive oil, s+p and garlic then broil until crispy!)


BBQ Chicken pizza. We have a large cast iron skillet/pizza pan that we want to try making a nice smoky pizza on the BBQ with as it’s too large for our oven. I actually use it for making pancakes on the stovetop all the time.


Eggs+Hashbrowns+Bacon. (Mom’s chicken’s eggs, Bonacres farm potatoes and Northend Farm bacon. All within 10 minute drive from our house)

Cowboy is going to the Canucks VS Jets Hockey game with a friend and I’m going to have my two God-children/cousins over for dinner so their parents have alone time! Why I thought having 3 children under 4 was a good idea for the night my husband was away was a good thing, I’ll never know. We’ll have fun, watch movies and eat popcorn.


Shredded Venison burritos. I’m going to try making tortillas as well, using this recipe. Although I won’t soak them. I’ll make enough for the following night. I’ll use canned venison stew meat for this, SO easy to just add seasoning and heat up.


We’re having my birthday party at my Mom’s and we’ll cook and eat around a fire outside. I’m going to experiment making Venison Seehk Kebabs with fresh tortilla’s, yogurt sauce, chutney and veg+dip. My plan is that we’ll cook the kebabs on a grill over the fire, then wrap one in a tortilla with chutney and yogurt sauce.


Soup+Biscuits, baby! Got enough in the freezer I’ll just pull some out Friday/Saturday and let it thaw in there.


Can you tell me one thing you know you’re eating this week?

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