Menu Plan Monday!

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Can you believe it’s Monday again already? I abandoned half of the meal plan last week, ditching the last few days, and used leftovers we had sitting in the fridge. I went grocery shopping a week ago, and my plan is to not go again until next Monday. You see, the thing is, that I actually really love grocery shopping. Its almost a hobby. So I’m trying to stretch it out more, not be so addicted to it? I usually go once a week and never spend over our budget, usually less, and always get so many fabulous whole foods. The less you go, the less you seem to spend overall though, and I LOVE having money leftover in my grocery budget jar.

Do you ever use the jar system? It’s similar to the envelope system where when you deposit your paycheck, you take out all the cash you need for groceries, gas, etc. We don’t do a bunch of jars, just odds n ends, farm money, groceries and gas. At the end of the month, if I’ve got money leftover in the groceries jar I use it to buy bulk amounts of items like honey, grains, etc.

For Breakfast

We’ll rock the pancakes this week. I plan to make a big bowl that will last a few breakfasts. I make pancakes so often, always with the same recipe that it’s about time I shared it. Buckwheat Cottage cheese baby! I use a similar one for waffles, and they’re so filling a 3 waffle eater can only eat 1! Stick to your ribs full of protein, baby! Smoothies are our other go-to.

For Lunch

We usually have leftovers during the week, and on the weekend we often make soup or bacon and eggs. Cowboy works on jobsites without a place to warm up or do anything with his lunch, it needs to be able to be eaten while sitting in his work truck. (He’s a carpenter). He doesn’t pack his lunch by the day, but rather will put enough food in his truck for a week. This usually includes apples or carrots (Obviously not in really warm weather), homemade granola bars or trail mix. He’s weird about his trailmix….no chocolate! I make it for his with different seeds, nuts and sometimes dried apples. While most guys bring a big lunch, he prefers to just have protein packed snacks to eat quickly if he’s hungry. When he gets home he almost ALWAYS grabs himself a bowl of cashews to tide him over until dinner.

For Dinner…

Monday 12th

Halibut+Roast Potatoes+Broiled Garlicky Green Beans. Gotta use up the canned green beans!

Tuesday 13th

My Birthday! My Mommy is making us dinner 🙂

Wednesday 14th

Chinese Venison Broccoli with rice. We seem to eat this quite often. Probably because it’s fast, simple and you eat so much broccoli!

Thursday 15th

General Tso’s Chicken+Green Pea fried rice+Broiled Garlicky Green Beans (Make extra rice Wednesday…dinner is half made for Thursday!)

Friday 16th

Venison burgers stuffed with spinach+cheese. (Homemade Mozzarella?) I’ll make the buns as I have everything at home to make them, thus keeping me out of the grocery store/bakery.

Saturday 17th

Good Question. I think Leftovers! On second thought, the next day is Poppa’s birthday, so Maybe I’ll have my Grandma over for dinner. Guess I got to come up with something special now! (He has simple tastes, he’d be pleased if I made a good soup/stew followed by cake!)

Sunday 18th

My Godson’s birthday party with a late lunch, so we’ll have Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner!

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