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So you’ve caught up on our summer, right?

Well here’s what happened this September! It seemed to be a photo heavy month so it’s got a whole post right to itself.

Hunting season kicked off and Mac was ready to spot them!


I had to rely mostly on iPhone for taking pictures as Cowboy always stole my camera to take pictures of deer while scouting. While they aren’t magazine worthy pictures, I think he’s got some neat light and shadows in some of them!

IMGP3495 IMGP3520 IMGP3516 IMGP3501


My sister Molly got more and more pregnant as we spent more and more time playing with Amy.


Then, one night it happened! (This is Amy eating cheese at 10:30 pm after getting dropped off at our house as Molly was in labour). That girl was high on life and so excited! I wanted to sleep. (I was 31 weeks pregnant.)


The first pictures of Amy as a big sister! She didn’t know it yet though.


Here is June! We are so in love with her.


We celebrated her birth with french fries.


Just four days later…


Oh and we got ducks! A young trio of Silver Appleyards. Isn’t that the neatest name ever?!


All the while my belly got bigger and bigger…


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