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Cookbook’s I love! ~ Dinner: A Love Story

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a book review of one of my favorite cookbooksI always want to read what people think about cookbooks. I don’t actually have that many, (10? 12?) but I’m always on the look out for the next one. Maybe you’ll like some of the ones I have?

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE (Did I mention Love?) Jenny and Andy’s blog, Dinner: A Love Story, so it was no surprise that I jumped on their book when it came out! Some of my favourite cookbooks are those that were born out of a blog. IMG_4952

Isn’t the cover just so cute!? I love that the pages are the right texture for writing on, not glossy. I write notes on most recipes.

This is a FANTASTIC cold lunch to bring. Marius doesn’t have anywhere to heat up a lunch, and hates bringing hot soup in a thermos. Multiple add in options right here people!

Here is the recipe


This pizza dough and recipe changed my life. Y’all know we make our own mozzarella, thanks to the fact that we have two jersey cows. (Wait, I never updated you on that…Guess I better take pictures of the two new lovely ladies, as the old cow has gone to rest in the sky. Aaaaand our freezer. Thats a post for another time.)

We lived in a place where the oven didn’t get up to 500F, and a pizza cooked at a lower temperature just didn’t do it for me. This dough may be about the easiest EVER to make as well! No oil=costs less, and days later it still reheats beautifully! Or eaten cold it’s terrific as well.

Get the dough recipe here 

And the Pan Fried Hawaiian Pizza here


I love that Jenny and Andy eat fairly seasonally, not in a preachy way, but in a it just tastes darn better way. They like organic and pastured meats, because they taste better and make you feel better. They don’t preach to you, they just want you to eat food that tastes good and is good for you.

Growing up there was no other option than to all sit and the table and eat, I don’t know where I would eat otherwise? So I’m glad that they’re trying to bring around those that aren’t used to that.

This book as LOADS of good recipes, and it reads like a book you just.can’t.put.down. Lots of stories for the recipes and how they came to be.

Just how I like it!

Any cookbooks you think I should check out? What are your faves?


  • Korena in the Kitchen

    Yes! I absolutely love this cookbook (and blog!) too. Their pizza truly is a game changer, as are so many of their other recipes. Such great dinner inspiration! Some of my other faves are anything by Donna Hay (Australian, very simple recipes and great inspiration, BEAUTIFUL photos) and Jamie Oliver because I just love him and everything that he is about so darn much.

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