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My post Cloth in the Home  was a popular one around here, so I thought I’d give you an update, as it’s been 2 1/2 years! Back then we were two adults and a just about 2 year old in cloth diapers. Now our family consists of a potty trained 4 year old who likes to makes messes, a 10 month old in cloth diapers who, surprise, likes to make messes right along with his brother, as well as Marius and I. I am thankful for our washing machine. I have no desire to wash by hand! I hang what I can when it’s warm weather, and until April we lived in a place that didn’t have a dryer. We had a woodstove and an indoor clothesline that worked just dandy though!

Cloth Diapers

During the day, we’re still using the same cloth diaper ‘prefolds’ that my Grandma made us for Mac. Thats such a blessing! Hamish is a much heavier wetter than Mac was and we had to double them up by just a few months old versus Mac’s 6 months old for the same thing. They’re a terrific basic flannel diaper thats easy to use and wash.

cloth diaper

At night, we have hemp/cotton terry ‘flats’ that my sister sewed for her baby. We’ll be sewing some for Gingersnap’s  baby due in December, so maybe we’ll do a little tutorial seeing as they’re the easiest ones ever! They’re super absorbant which makes them suitable for night! With Mac, we didn’t have anything like this and honestly just used a disposable at night when he got past one. It worked for us then, but I’m glad to be using a cloth at night now.

Diaper Covers…we used to use thirsties duo wraps exclusively, but we found with Hamish they just weren’t cutting the mustard anymore. They were terrific no leak covers for Mac, but even with proper washing and hang to dry care they didn’t hold up as long as I thought. We invested in 6 Best Bottoms one size covers that are fabulous. Double layer PUL and snaps. I’m hoping I’ll never have to buy diaper covers again! Price wise, per cover they are pricier, BUT! A cover that you have to buy 3-4 sizes of costs you $10 each. A cover that you buy 2 sizes of costs you $15. These you buy ONE size of and they shipped to us for $19. So in truth they’re cheaper.

So sturdy.



Yup, still using the same ones from last time. I don’t know what I’d do without a big stash of dish towels and cloths! We use some of the rattier clothes for rags now.

dish towel

Draining Bacon

Last time, I said that paper towel for bacon was my exception. I didn’t have any one time, my friend Adrianne was over, and she told me that her family uses newspaper. So! Now we just save a newspaper for draining bacon. (I mean, I don’t save it and re use it, I just make sure there is one around in case the need to have bacon arises. I’m not joking, it is a need.)

Laundry Detergent

Well, we make our own now! We being loose, considering I make it and wash all the laundry…but you get what I mean. We were using Rockin’ Green, which is still terrific, but outside my budget. It’s much cheaper to make my own. I had a couple people voice about concerns about it not being a storebought, HE friendly one, specifically low sudsing one. Here’s my take on it; if you use Dr. Bronners bar, or an eco-soap flakes, this will be super low sudsing. If you use another brand of soap thats more conventional? I can’t promise you anything. So in my experience, with what I use, in my washer, I have no troubles.

So tell me! Do you use cloth alternatives to disposable products in your home? I know we’re not ‘hard core’ but we do what we can!

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