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Farm Fresh Friday- CSA week 17

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I’m wanting to start weekly features here for a couple reasons. One of them being I need a bit of accountability as well as wanting to have a direction the blog is going. I like sharing what’s in my CSA box, as well as I’d like to share more about our livestock! So hopefully every Friday I’ll have a little something here to share! I look forward to ‘seeing’ you around!

farm fresh friday

This week, I failed at CSA pictures. I mean, I took them, but they were bad. And I’m sorry, but you’re still going to see them so you can see what I got. But I apologize anyways.

Left to right: Braising greens, Kale, Fennel, Carrots (There was more…I just umm….ate a bunch) and celery! This picture obviously goes up a lot higher and the celery is this big beautiful one! Such a treat!


Left to right: Romas, Peppers, Top right is Blue Ballet Squash and bottom right is a melon.


The Plan?

-Peppers, Melon and Carrots for snacks.

-Kale went into mashed potatoes

-Romas? Well last week I was complaining about tomatoes and now its the last week and I’m going ack! No more tomatoes for the whole winter?! They’ve been going in salads and sandwiches.

-Fennel and celery will go in a soup with potatoes (I’m thinking with a wee bit of bacon…)

There will still be some celery left and we’ll snack on it 🙂

-Blue Ballet will make a delicious soup!

-Braising Greens will be a quick frittata dinner one night. That will use half of them, and the other half…well…I’m not sure at this point!


In other news, our cow, Wilderness, is due to calve on the 9th! We’re eagerly awaiting and I can’t wait to share her new calf! I also await having gallons and gallons of milk to make more cheese! We haven’t had much cheese lately as I try to avoid buying it and I’m missing my pizzas!

So what farm fresh produce did you snag this week?



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