Miscellany- November 6th

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Popping in quick to ask you a couple questions as well as tell you a few things!

1) First and foremost,

The Miracle Baby is One year old today! Hurray for Hamish, we are so happy he’s happy, healthy and ONE! Everyone is always commenting on how much he smiles, because he is a cheerful baby. We had a fun little Halloween get together last weekend and celebrated his birthday then.




2) What do you want to see on Venison for Dinner?

I asked it over on Facebook, but I’ll ask it here too. I’m working on a list of things to post about and I want your input! Do you have questions you want me to answer in a Q&A Post? Is there recipes of a genre you want more of? DO YOU WANT TO SEE MORE PICTURES OF MY CUTE KIDS AND COW!? I thought so. I genuinely do want to know, so whether on Facebook, Instagram or in the comments here, tell me what you want to see.

3) Applesauce!

The apples I shared a picture of in the Bounty within the Homestead are currently being made into sauce. I don’t seem to have the oomph for applesauce making this year, but if I don’t, I’ll regret it as I really enjoy applesauce! Do you make applesauce?

4) I’ve felt so content…

I can’t explain it beyond feeling very content in my life. This is a wonderful feeling that I’ve never felt in this way before. I’ve always been happy, but we recently made some decisions that give an overall sense of peace and happiness in our life. Amidst a life that is crazy busy with two kids, a milking cow and many other projects on the go, this is a pretty neat thing to have. I encourage you to cut back, or try new things if you don’t feel you’re very content at this point. I know that could be a whole post on it’s own, but I guess I’m simply saying, I wasn’t happy with certain aspects in my life, we made some tough decisions, changed a couple things, and now I’m reaping the hard earned benefits of that.

5) Hunting season is in full swing!

Is there hunting going on where you are? Are you or your spouse hunting? A friend came by today to pick up a couple deer hides for tanning as well as the liver, kidneys and heart from the last deer (We don’t prefer them and were happy to share!) and when she looked in my freezer she said “Wow, you’re rich!” I knew she didn’t mean it in a ‘You’re very monetarily wealthy’ way, but in a WOW, look at this bounty you’ve socked away this season. And I realize we’re very blessed to have access to the produce and meat we do, but it also takes a lot of darn work. It’s worth it, but her saying that made me think that yes, that work is worth it, we may not be monetarily wealthy but we have a bounty of nourishing foods to eat!


So tell me whats going on around your place?


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