Yogurt Cheese

Okay, so who likes themselves some expensive creamy soft cheeses to put on a cheese platter, smear on a bagel, eat with a spoon? (Oh, just me on the last one…awwwwkward). Round these parts if you want such a cheese, you’ll grab David Wood’s Goat Cheese. Also known as Salt Spring Cheese. Those babies run you $8-$10 for a 1/2 cup thingy! (I mean, the presentation with flowers, herbs, garlic, etc is amazing…buuut) I just can’t pay that for something other than a special treat! Did you know you can make your own?

That’s right! If you make your own yogurt? then dang, this would cost you just a couple bucks instead!

We start with straining yogurt,


After it’s strained for 24 hours it goes into the fridge to firm up…then I use a 1 tbsp portion scoop/ice cream scooper to make balls and roll in herbs…



Then I put the balls in a jar (8, 1 tbsp balls fits in a 1/2 pint ‘salmon jar’) and covered in olive oil.

yofurt cheese



Don’t worry! That olive oil isn’t wasted! It always needs to cover the balls, but as you use the balls, use that oil for salad dressings, it’ll be pre marinated and so flavourful! If you’ve got your own dairy animals, this is a great way to make an age-able cheese without fancy equiptment!

I get a high yield because I use a high fat milk to make high fat yogurt, so I’d guess I got about a fat cup of yogurt cheese per litre of yogurt. Here’s my math for my area on what you’ll save.

4 litres organic milk; made into yogurt, $6

Strained into 4 cups of yogurt cheese.

4 cups yogurt cheese equals 8×1/2 c containers of the fancy goat cheese.

8 goat cheeses=minimum $64.

A few dollars of Olive oil+Herbs= savings of atleast $55! Thats no laughing matter folks. Thats big savings.


Herb Rolled Yogurt Cheese

1 litre full fat yogurt (please don’t use skim. Just, just don’t.)


Dried Herbs (I used an italian herbs blend)

Olive oil (it’ll be less than 1/2 c)

Wet a thin tea towel and squeeze out the extra water. Line a strainer or colander with this towel. Pour your yogurt in and let sit in a pot or bowl (for whey to drain) for 24 hours, stirring a few times. (Or 20 if you OCD like me) After 24 hours, scoop out the yogurt cheese into a bowl, salt to taste, then chill til cold, most likely the next day. Scoop out 1 tbsp sized balls (portion/ice cream scoop works great!) onto a plate/pan, and then roll in dried herbs. Put balls in a wide mouth mason jar, and pour olive oil overtop to completely cover. I moved the balls around a bit to make sure there was no air space. Put in fridge and use as needed! I’d say leave them a week for the flavours to meld. This can be kept for months! The flavour will get stronger and the cheese more flavourful.

The Extra Whey: Use this in smoothies, as the base to lemonade instead of water, to soak your grains or in a soup stock.

The Extra Olive Oil: As you use the balls, you an leave the olive oil in, or pour off to use in salad dressings and marinades! No waste here!






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  1. Mmmmm. I recently tried Salt Spring Cheese’s new “Ruckles”, with herby garlicy oil… I definitely need to recreate those using your method! Doesn’t the olive oil solidify in the fridge though? I imagine this would make it difficult to get the cheese out of the jar…?

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