Our Favourite Way to Eat Yogurt

We love us some homemade yogurt round these parts. We’ve been making it for years, using this recipe here.

But just plain on its own? No thanks. Well, Marius likes to bring a pint to work, shake it up and drink it in the afternoon for a “kick-ass way to get through the rest of the day”. So I’ll leave the plain to him, while the boys and I fancy ours up. The other morning I snapped some iPhone photos while were dressin’ ‘er up.

We like to have a variety of nuts and seeds kickin’ around the cupboards, not only because they’re tasty, but they add variety and all have various macro and micro nutrients to lead a balanced diet. Ain’t just for the birds yo.

This is a kiddie serving, to be fair he did end up eating three. It’s so hit and miss with the boys and what they like one day but not the next, and I knoooow you’re not supposed to force kids to clean their plates but my belief is that from a food waste perspective, YES, you do need to finish your plate so start with a reasonable amount. I’d rather refill their plate that waste part of it. I ain’t eatin your dinner leftovers after its cold and half smothered in ketchup and your boogers thankyouverymuch.

So where were we? 3/4 c plain yogurt in a bowl. I love wooden bowls. These were cheap at a flea market. Not breakable yet not so hard on the eyes as the damn plastic dishes. My kids eat out of these 90% of the time and drink from jam jars. I hate kiddie dishes.



Next a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of chia seeds. Stir this in right away so the chia seeds can start absorbing liquid, gelling and thickening up the yogurt even more.


While the chia seeds are doing their thing, cut up some fresh fruit or grab out some frozen fruit. We happened to have fresh strawberries, which is quite rare around here. We basically only buy local strawberries, a pint here and there to eat right away and then 20 pounds or so at one point to freeze and jam.


Sprinkle on some hemp hearts for more healthy fats and protein, plus a little nutty crunch…


And we top it off with some cinnamon!



Now obviously this is really just a guideline, that you could make it however you want, layer it in a mason jar to take with you for a snack, or in your lunch. This is a great little mix up on your basic yogurt for breakfast or snack!


If you’re making multiple bowls of this, I’d suggest lining up your toppings buffet style, helping little kids and letting olders serve themselves.

Have a great weekend!


  • Jennifer C-L

    So glad you suggested the chia seeds! That helped me control the mess of way too much liquid when I take yogurt with me to work. Sprinkling on some chia seeds has brought it to a manageable level of liquid. Found your blog via “Don’t Waste the Crumbs” blog. Love all your content!

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