How to Can Stew Meat/Cubed Meat

The beauty of canning stew meat or a cubed roast, is you can take meat that would otherwise take a long time to cook, and can a pile of it (14 lbs worth fits in my pressure canner!) so that its fall apart tender and ready to eat. There is a lot of reasons why one cans meat instead of freezing it, the main two being they dont have enough freezer space, or they want the convenience of shelf stable meat. For me, I dont have a freezer space shortage, I’m a freezer nerd and my husband is an enabler who always encourages us to buy another freezer or sell a small one and buy a bigger one. That leaves me with the convenience- once you’ve started making more and more of your own food, you will find yourself discontent with the quality of most convenience foods, unless you go to a price point that makes me durn near spit out my back teeth. To easily throw together meals with my homemade conveniences- chicken in broth with a bag of noodles and some frozen garden vegetables becomes a quick soup. Leftover potatoes and a jar of stew meat is the beginnings of a fast stew, canned baked beans and a loaf of sourdough bread is extremely satisfying, canned ground beef quickly becomes pasta sauce or tacos. This are deeply soul quenching feelings for me…. This content is for members only.Login <a href=""...

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