3 Ways to Infuse Herbs into Oil

Depending on what your timeline is like, is how you will choose to infuse oil. In the video below, I demonstrate three methods, but they all start the same- with oil and herbs. Why would you even want to infuse oils? Topical Herbs are gentle medicine. Every herb has its own properties to help soothe and heal your skin. It can enhance your lip chap, or make a healing baby bum cream. Make a soap that will help nourish your skin. Once you dive into all this, you’ll see possibilities all around you. When it comes to choosing oils, think of what your end use will be. Olive oil is often our first choice, but for topical use can be pretty heavy unless its just a basic salve. If you’re wanting to make lotion, I dont recommend it. It can easily get expensive buying all sorts of fun oils that feel luxurious and amazing…but really add up. I find using oils that are culinary usually makes them cheaper and more available, so sunflower and avocado oil are my first choices for “lighter weight” oils. After those I really do love Apricot kernel oil, even though it costs a bit more. The oil choices are basically never ending…once you start digging in you can get overwhelmed. Keep it simple, and dont worry about spending a whole lot right off the bat. You can easily look up the properties of different oils and I highly recommend this book by Jan berry. For herbs- again, its easy to get excited, order all the things…and really only use a fraction. Start small, start with what you could pick around where you live! I bet there is more than you think. My favourites are roses, calendula, arnica and plantain from around our garden and yard plus lavender that my mom grows. You can use dried herbs that you’ve bought or fresh herbs, but if using fresh herbs, you do need to wilt them a bit. On a tray/plate overnight or on the dashboard of your vehicle on a sunny day within a couple hours they are dried enough that they wont make your oil go rancid from the moisture in them. Once you’ve got your infused oils, you get to experiment! Lip Chap, Salve, Lotion, Soap, its so exciting to make these things yourself, ESPECIALLY when theyre infused with herbs youve done up yourself. Purists will say that longer infusions are better and the only way. I am not a purist, so I say do what works for you. I will say that the longer infusions are more hands off and simpler, but if you’re in a time crunch, quick infusion works too. Many recipes will give you exact amounts of herbs to oil…but I’m not your gal there. I want my herbs comfortably swimming in the oil, with space to move/infuse and fully covered. If you’re doing really potent herbs, like cannabis bud, is the only time that I will do much more oil than herb.… This content is for members only.Login <a href=""...

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