Kate’s Raw Milk Gouda Recipe

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Being married to a Dutchman who loves his Gouda, I’m quite proud of my recipe! It took a lot of testing, its been tasted by many picky palates, and I sent the recipe off to a couple cheesemaker friends as well. Both their husbands told them its the best cheese they have ever made! What makes Gouda so fun for me, is that after 6 weeks of hands off aging, it tastes SO GOOD. No waiting 6 months, no fancy aging. Your family can be enjoying this cheese fairly fast in the grand scheme of home cheesemaking. Gouda loves you to add different things to it. We love whole cumin seeds but why not try red pepper flakes? Or chili powder? Or Black pepper? Take a browse in a fancy cheese aisle, take note of the prices for fun, and get some ideas! This is one cheese I have not successfully made with natural cultures. I would have loved to, but using a mother culture (explained in the first video) make using freeze dried cultures more affordable. I tried to write up the recipe as thorough as possible but I highly recommend watching the videos as well before your first go through. There is some things that just need to be seen to understand fully. I try to label the videos so you know where to reference if you need help with a step, as well as I break them up as small as possible so you dont have to watch forever to get there. Gouda likes a full fat milk, its a hard cheese with a soft “paste” as the interior is described, and this means it needs a full fat milk. If you have a holstein or lower fat milk, I reccomend subbing 2 cups of the whole milk for additional cream. For Asiago, we used a lower fat milk to get a firmer cheese. If you’ve made that, you’ll notice differences like asiago has smaller curds and higher temperatures- this all contributes to its firmness.… This content is for members only.Login <a href=""...

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