Wild Game Fresh Chorizo Sausage Recipe

For more in depth sausage making process, see this post here. We have been making variations on this chorizo recipe since our 8 yr old Hamish was a baby…2013! While the original recipe from Hank Shaw (On his website, and in Marius’ favourite cookbook)….ours looks different these days. Thats the beauty of sausages, as long as you follow basic ratios and principals…you can come up with whatever you’d like. You could make this with any wild game or lean domestic meat. If you wanted to use pork, You’d need to play with the fat. If your pork was really fatty, maybe you’d leave the fat out altogether. If your pork was lean, maybe you’d need some added pork. The main trick to sausage making going well, is keeping everything as cold as possible and not rushing that part of it. Warm sausage meat emulsifies in your grinder and makes a mess that wont stuff into casings. If you dont want to use alcohol, I’d sub for another 125ml red wine vinegar and see how that tastes. Vinegar has higher acidity/zip to it than alcohol so I dont sub for equal parts…. This content is for members only.Login <a href=""...

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