Maple Mint Mojito Cocktail

Sweetening a mojito with maple syrup started primarily, out of laziness. Yep, you heard that right. It wasnt because I was aiming to cut out the refined sugar of the simple syrup traditionally used to sweeten it…nope, its because i didn’t want to make a simple syrup, honey doesnt dissolve well in cold liquids either…but maple syrup?! We can stir maple syrup right in! (thats why I sweeten my iced coffee with maple syrup too!) Mojitos have always been my favourite cocktail, whether I’m drinking it with rum or virgin, something about the fresh mint and fizzy water and zippy lime…I just love it! Mint grows like gangbusters in pretty much every climate (I’m zone 3 and it grows here, so that bodes well for most all of you!) The fun part about mojitos is where you get creative- instead of ice cubes in your drink, frozen cherries? frozen strawberries? frozen blackberries? There is so much creative freedom here to use what you have, use what you love, use what inspires you! I’m going to give you a recipe for making four drinks, because fingers crossed hanging out with our friends over a cocktail in the backyard is going to be a normal thing again this year! I also enjoy sipping one while making dinner. I think thats my favourite time to enjoy a drink… If you would like to make just one, or you want to make 12, use the handy dandy recipe card function that allows you to adjust servings…its so handy in situations like this! You could easily make this a pitcher to put on the table with friends. I’m hankering for summer bbq’s!… This content is for members only.Login <a href=""...

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