Gluten Free Pantry Walk-Through with Marissa

For the most part my pantry likely doesn’t look much different from most whole food type people. We grow and preserve what we can and that amount is ever growing. Everything that I can make myself ensures that the ingredients are gluten free and no cross contamination happens in the processing. But of course, all of our flours are gluten free and there are a few staple condiments that I like to have on hand for things I can’t (or don’t want to make). Here is a bit of a list of the things that I always try to have on hand. Video Notes-   Starches  Tapioca (my favourite), Cornstarch (works well in gravies or sauces), Arrowroot, Potato Starch Whole Grains Sorghum (closest to wheat like flavour but won’t hold together on its own.) Brown Rice- Superfine is my preferred for baking that isn’t sourdough. (Too much and it is grainy.) Buckwheat (adds a bit of elasticity, is a bit of an earthier flavour) Oats (whole groats and rolled, adds structure but too much and it will be gummy) Millet (mild flavour and mixes well with other flours. It’s a dryer one.) Teff (has a stronger flavour but is nice for savoury baked goods and bread or pancakes)  Sweet White Rice (Adds some stretch and elasticity but too much and it’s gummy.) Cassava (is possibly the only flour that I find can make a nice baked good on it’s own or with one other flour. It is very expensive though.) Ingredients to lift and elasticity- Psyllium Husk, Pomonas Pectin, Gelatin , Eggs, Dairy, flax, Xanthan Gum  Favorite AP Mixes Bob’s Redmill, Valley Flax AP mix Grain Mill; I find it most cost effective to grind my own flours. Whole grains keep indefinitely which allows for fresher flour and better quality products. There is slight variances in recipe measurements with fresh ground and store bought flour but its fairly minimal. My mill is a Nutrimill Plus-double grind for superfine Gluten Free Condiments. I can only speak to canadian condiments available, they are often made by different manufacturers under same name in other countries so just be sure to always read your labels. The other thing is sometimes brands change ingredients without changing labeling, so reading labels is just a habit you’ll need to get into. San Jay Soy sauce (Tamari), BBQ sauce- Sweet Baby Rays, Hellman’s mayo. French’s Ketchup, Mustard and Worchestershire Sauce are all Gluten free If you want to see more of the gluten free recipes that I offer, my recipe books can be found at our website as well as my gluten free sourdough course that I offer through  Sourdough Schoolhouse, …. This content is for members only.Login <a href=""...

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