My Mom’s Vegan Pantry and How I feed Her Here

Since my Mom started eating a vegan diet, AKA whole foods plant based, I’m often ask how I feed someone who is plantbased, alongside my carnivorous crew. The answer is “split” meals. Most side dishes are easily made plant based. Hold the cheese on a salad. Saute your vegetables in olive oil not butter. Roast potatoes instead of mashing them with lots of dairy. So we still have our meat portion, she just has the vegetable and carb portion. Rice, most pasta, and potatoes are naturally plant based. Its all about what people add into them… For breakfasts…You dont have to look hard to find a sourdough or artisan recipe thats plant based, most are easily so! For breakfast, Mom loves sourdough toast with peanut butter. We eat it like that too, or also have eggs. Sometimes I grab some coconut yogurt (although Jessica has a recipe here!) and Mom will have that with granola, while we have our homemade yogurt. For Lunches- I usually just try make sure at beginning of her stay I cook a big pot of a soup or stir fry Mom loves (She adores my roasted vegetable curry!) as we lean on leftovers for lunch anyways. Alternatively some hummus goes a long way, as does having a tub of baby greens if its winter. Mom can easily throw together a salad of some fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, home canned beans, whatever she’s feeling like. She will do this for dinner too if we’ve got a one pot meal thats got meat in it. Snacking… Mom loves her dark chocolate! A bar in the ‘chocolate bowl’ above the fridge goes a long way for when she’s feeling like a treat. A handful of nuts goes a long way as well, and we’re always well stocked in those. Treats… If you need a few ideas on what sort of treats to make…let me give you a few links! Jessica talked about how to make recipes dairy free, and this will really help you, as long as a recipe doesnt have eggs. Coming soon there is an insiders Complete Vegan Birthday Cake Guide with THREE different plant based cakes that are sooo simple to make! Mom LOVES my Chocolate Chocolate cookies. She also really enjoyed Jessicas Cobbler when I made it with apple pie filling I’d canned. Jessica really helps demystify making recipes dairy free, which is helpful as well if you’re out of butter or milk but still hankering for a favourite recipe. Dinnertime… The thing is, those who choose to eat plant based, are often told ridiculous things like, “cant you just pick the meat out?” and “its just a bit, get over it”. It may not be YOUR choice, but you can respect the person you love by respecting their choices. As they dont eat these things, eating them could really upset their stomach, even if its just a little bit. Mom’s options arent always fancy, but theyre always filling and nutrient dense. I think if you are choosing to eat plant based in a world/house that is not, you have to be easygoing about it and adaptable. Be willing to help, make your own part, etc. I dont go anywhere expecting people to cater to Hamish’s food sensitivities, I inquire ahead of time, and plan accordingly. However, when someone does go the extra mile, I really appreciate it. I feel the same way about cooking plantbased. Its a way I can show Mom I care about her. Treat it with the same respect you do for someone with a food allergy. (However, I will say, if one of my children decides to eat plantbased while they still live at home, they will be expected to cook a hefty portion of their own food, because this is how our family eats, and on a daily basis, I will not be a short order cook…) Here are some super simple meal ideas if you’re serving someone plant based and feeling stuck; Pasta with Marinara. Make sure they arent egg noodles, and it can be a basic jarred sauce! Check the label for any dairy in it. Serving omnivores? Make meatballs on the side, serve parmesan on the side. Salad Bar. This was in my Boathouse Summers ebook, but its such an easy way to feed people of varying preferences and diets! Everyone gets to make their own salad, to their own liking. Roasted Potatoes and Vegetables with something like a lemon tahini sauce?! Grill some pork chops or chicken for the omnivores and its a delicious meal! Bean Chili. When I was pregnant with Rowan, I made some freezer meals for my Mom too. I made a bean chili, roasted butternut soup, and the roasted vegetable curry I linked earlier. They were simple to do, and meant if someone brought us a meal, mom could grab one of these to feed herself. Tacos with lentils or refried beans. Lentils so easily mimic ground meat, that often people stretching their meat, add lentils in! Tacos or burritos, with the toppings laid out for the consumer to choose, easily becomes plant based. Even my carnivorous husband loves refried beans on his taco! Without further ado, here is my Mom showing you some of her plant based pantry staples!… This content is for members only.Login <a href=""...

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