Two slices of vegan pizza on a silver plate.

Plant Based Lunches

We’ve all been there, struggling to make lunch interesting enough for your kid to eat, without sacrificing nutrition. These are just a couple of ideas that work well if you are a plant-based family. Vegan pizza ~ the easiest grab and go lunch. Make extra pizza for dinner so you have leftovers. We sometimes use store bought ‘vegan cheese’ or we make our own nut cheese. Kids really like when there is some kind of cheese on top and it keeps the toppings from falling off. Tempeh ~ not everyone likes tempeh or smoked tofu but they make the best little protein bites.  Spelt tortillas and Peanut butter ~ These are homemade sourdough tortillas made with fresh ground spelt flour. A great whole grain protein packed lunch favourite.  Tamari Almonds ~ oven roasted with tamari sauce. Easy to make, way cheaper than buying the store-bought version. You can use soy sauce in place of the tamari. Veggies and hummus ~ hopefully you can use seasonal veggies but anything cut into sticks for dipping works! Apples and peanut butter ~ cheap, easy and available year-round! Apples and cinnamon ~ the cinnamon keeps the apples from going brown and add extra flavour We strive to avoid sending anything that might become soggy before lunchtime. Use these ideas as a springboard for you own family favourites and have some fun thinking outside the lunchbox…. This content is for members only.Login <a href=""...

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