Date and Rosemary Roast Chicken

Winner, Winner, Roast Chicken Dinner.

I’ve always loved this recipe for Date and Rosemary Roast Chicken. I think I saw the idea in a Readers Digest and made my own off of that. It takes everything up a notch. It’s going to take a wee bit more effort because of mixing the glaze and stuffing but it’ll be worth it. I’d call this an important company worth dinner! Or in my case? A midweek mind blowingly delicious impress your husband dinner. Continue reading Winner, Winner, Roast Chicken Dinner.

The Economics of Buying a Whole Chicken

The only thing available to us is whole chickens, as we choose to raise and butcher chickens ourselves. For the first few years the only way I cooked chicken was by roasting it, eating it, then using the leftovers for sandwiches, soups, etc. Then I had this amazing brainwave. Why don’t I cut up the chicken, so that I can have different cuts to work with!   Liiiiightbulb. (I love the movie Despicable Me!)   So here is the parts all cut up in a picture. It looks a little crazy, but really, a whole bunch of cut up chicken? … Continue reading The Economics of Buying a Whole Chicken

Our New Years Eve Chinese Food Feast!

On New Years Eve my cousin and his family came over to spend the evening and night. They have 2 children under 4, and we have a 2 1/2 yr old. So nobody gets out to a party. Especially since our mothers love to go out to friends places on New Years, thus ridding us of babysitters. Gee, Thanks Mom.   Hi Mom! Hi Auntie Kath! I love you!   We decided this would be the best of both worlds! They came over, I made a spectacular dinner, and then they put their children to bed upstairs, we all had … Continue reading Our New Years Eve Chinese Food Feast!

The (un)fair state of my bathroom.

I hate dirty bathrooms. They sceeve me out. (How the heck is that word spelt?) My bathroom is clean, but very very messy right now.   Because we have chickens growing in there! We bought an incubator a few weeks ago and shortly afterwards a broody hen at my Mom’s couldn’t decide whether to stay on her eggs or not, so we took them out from under her and put them in the incubator. I told myself that if ONE chick hatched and survived I would be excited! After 8 days in the incubator we candled the eggs.   This … Continue reading The (un)fair state of my bathroom.