Cloth in the Home update

My post Cloth in the Home  was a popular one around here, so I thought I’d give you an update, as it’s been 2 1/2 years! Back then we were two adults and a just about 2 year old in cloth diapers. Now our family consists of a potty trained 4 year old who likes to makes messes, a 10 month old in cloth diapers who, surprise, likes to make messes right along with his brother, as well as Marius and I. I am thankful for our washing machine. I have no desire to wash by hand! I hang what I can when it’s … Continue reading Cloth in the Home update

Bathroom Update!

So the incubator is gone now. I bleached the bathroom with a enviro friendly hydrogen peroxide bleach.   Uhhhm *cough cough* WARNING: When using hydrogen peroxide bleach, beware of open cut on end of your finger?   Okay, we’re good now? Yup, okay, you’re not going to do what I do and end up with the end of your finger fizzing?   So I washed the floor, the counters, the bathtub, the sink the toilet. It felt really good.   Incubator OUT—-Cleanliness IN!   Except now we’ve got this issue again, but with the dehydrator! In a period of two … Continue reading Bathroom Update!