Deer Fever.

Also affectionately known as ‘Buck Fever’. You know you’re starting to get it bad when it’s still 5 months away and you’re itching from the heat of it. Sofya, over at The Girls’ Guide to Guns and Butter, was talking about hunting yesterday. It ticked the fever to a whole other level. (Shot at my Mom’s house just before dark. Didn’t get pictures until after dark though! Had to milk with headlamps that night…2008) I haven’t been able to hunt much in the last couple years. Raising a baby does that to you apparently. I was raised in a pro-hunting … Continue reading Deer Fever.

Bless his Heart.

I’ve been on the couch with a sick toddler since Monday afternoon. A couple mornings my Mom has taken over couch duty so I can go to my practicum, but other than that, I’ve been getting a lot of reading and a little meal cooking done.   Thursday night I had a teleconference at 7. 6:40 and there was still no dinner to be thought or started. Cowboy took Mac to a friends place so that I could do my schoolwork in peace, but he turned up at the end of the teleconference, with a box in hand.   A … Continue reading Bless his Heart.

Teach ’em young

My Poppa (Maternal Grandfather) has short term memory loss. He’s always in pain. Doesn’t remember a new person. Doesn’t remember to put on clean clothes. (But my Dad says he never did before anyways!) But…he is the only one who can tell my three sisters and I apart on the phone, first try When Cowboy and I told him and my Grandma I was pregnant,(and 16) he got up right away, gave me a big hug, and said, “Well you know we’ll be behind you 100% of the way”. Isn’t that crazy how a man who has forgotten the social … Continue reading Teach ’em young

My Son was born in a Kiddie Pool

Say Whaaat? My son was proudly born at home, in water. The suggested birth tub by our midwife is a kiddie pool that our local home hardware stocks specifically for this! Apparently an actual birth tub is bigger and a hot water tank can’t always fill it. Also, a birthing tub costs $150+, where as ours was $40! And we got a sweet pool our of the deal. When it came time to decide where our son would be born, I said HOSPITAL! Our hospital has a birthing tub, and was 15 minutes away from home, we felt good about … Continue reading My Son was born in a Kiddie Pool

Happy Valentines Day!

While trying to find a picture that someone represented Valentines day, or Love, all I found was pictures of teeny ¬†fish we never actually ate, Four great-grand children laying together   A cute little Squirrel   My Stepdad and I milking, with Poppa holding the kicker rope. We don’t usually have a kicker rope, but she had a sore udder and thought it was a fantastic idea to kick the bucket on a regular basis. The kicker rope gets pulled tight around their abdomen, in front of the udder, right tight in the hip socket. For some reason, this helps. … Continue reading Happy Valentines Day!