• DIY

    DIY Homemade Yogurt

    If you've struggled with making homemade yogurt with limited success, or it just feels overly complicated, try this easy method with just a few simple ingredients!  

  • DIY

    Rustic Fruit Tart

    I've been making Rustic Fruit Tart for eons. Or as much as a 25 year old could have baked in their life. It's the perfect palette for whatever fruit is in season, your…

  • Sweet Chile Sauce

    Honey Sweetened Sweet Chile Sauce

    Learn how to make your own condiments at home with this Sweet Chili Sauce naturally sweetened with honey! I can't wait to have this with stickers...fried spring rolls...ummm, anything else I'm missing?!…

  • Steakhouse Butter

    Steakhouse Butter

    Take your steaks to the next level with Steakhouse Butter, a compound butter recipe featuring garlic, shallots, and fresh herbs. You've never had steak this good!

  • Herb Rolled Yogurt Cheese

    Yogurt Cheese

    When even simple gourmet cheeses are expensive at the market, what's a frugal mama to do? Make her own at home, of course! Homemade Yogurt Cheese is one of the easiest cheeses you…

  • Simple Homemade Jerky Recipe
    DIY,  recipe,  Venison

    Home Jerky Making Made Simple

    IMaking Homemade Jerky isn't Super Quick! Easy! Fast! but this recipe is Simple! If you equate easy/quick/simple together...well then you probably shouldn't be making jerky. BUT! If you're looking for a jerky recipe that doesn't…

  • homemade baileys, irish coffee creamer, maple syrup sweetened
    DIY,  recipe

    DIY Baileys

    Learn how to make DIY Baileys! A homemade copycat recipe of Baileys Irish Cream using Irish Whiskey, cream, cocoa powder, and sweetener! Or you can try my healthy version featuring maple syrup! Learn how…