Uncle Bear

When Drillerman was gone last, I wrote a little post about him, it made Gingersnap happy.   Wait, was it last time he was gone? Or the time before? The time before maybe? I don’t know, but right now he’s gone again. If you’re reading this Drillerman? Gingersnap says you can come home now, she’ll even shave her legs!   Back to the original topic of course, that being one of my other brother-in-laws. (I have 5 all together!) Uncle Bear and my Sister #2 moved away with my precious Amy Jane a gazillion years ago.   Oh it was only the … Continue reading Uncle Bear

The (un)fair state of my bathroom.

I hate dirty bathrooms. They sceeve me out. (How the heck is that word spelt?) My bathroom is clean, but very very messy right now.   Because we have chickens growing in there! We bought an incubator a few weeks ago and shortly afterwards a broody hen at my Mom’s couldn’t decide whether to stay on her eggs or not, so we took them out from under her and put them in the incubator. I told myself that if ONE chick hatched and survived I would be excited! After 8 days in the incubator we candled the eggs.   This … Continue reading The (un)fair state of my bathroom.

A Hankering for Summer

*This is the first of what I hope will be many guest posts by my sister* Anna, lovingly referred to as Gingersnap, is a self professed seed addict who loves the outdoors. While dividing her time between working, cooking, canning, crafting, gardening, 3 (mostly) broke horses and anything outdoorsy, she resides in a cabin on 160 acres of wild forest in the Great White North of British Columbia, Canada. Some may roll their eyes at living in a place with no phone or internet connection, but Anna and her fiance, Drillerman, not only make up for it, but thrive, by enjoying fishing, hunting … Continue reading A Hankering for Summer

The Thing About Gingersnap

Is that her hair is red. Didja guess that? She’s also my oldest sister. There is three of us in total. By the way. And we have the most amazing Mommy in the world. But back to Gingersnap, right? She loved that I wrote about her fiance, shall we call him, Drillerman? Absolutely Tickled Pink. The thing about Drillerman, is that he works in camp diamond drilling, and goes away for long periods of time. Like weeks and weeks and weeks. It makes Gingersnap a saaad saaad girl 🙁 But she keeps her self busy working, taking care of their … Continue reading The Thing About Gingersnap