Homemade Dynamint Udder Cream

Stop mastitis in dairy animals before it starts with this all-natural homemade Dynamint udder cream! Continue reading Homemade Dynamint Udder Cream



Well, it’s actually Frugally Sustainables First Aid Antiseptic Ointment, but Amy calls it “Oinkment”, so we’ve went with that. This baby is like a homemade essential oil polysporin! What more could you ask for? Oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that its dead easy to make?! We had a little owie here this morning so we thought we’d share the recipe. Mac used a very, cough, liberal amount of the stuff. So I swiped some off and put it on another healing owie he had. This is more the amount you’ll want. We’re noticing faster healing, and it’s saving … Continue reading Oinkment