Wild Wild Wednesdays- Mushroom Hunting

**On Wild Wild Wednesdays I’ll share with you a new recipe for how to use your wild meat whether it be venison, elk or moose! I’ll also add in other wild foraged foods to delight you! I might throw in the odd recipe for chicken, duck or goose that could be adapted to wild meat. If you don’t have wild meat, feel free to sub a similar cut of beef!** Have you ever been mushroom hunting? Do you enjoy eating mushrooms and see mushrooms outside but wonder which ones won’t kill you? All good questions.  Four autumns ago we were sitting … Continue reading Wild Wild Wednesdays- Mushroom Hunting


So you’ve caught up on our summer, right? Well here’s what happened this September! It seemed to be a photo heavy month so it’s got a whole post right to itself. Hunting season kicked off and Mac was ready to spot them! I had to rely mostly on iPhone for taking pictures as Cowboy always stole my camera to take pictures of deer while scouting. While they aren’t magazine worthy pictures, I think he’s got some neat light and shadows in some of them! My sister Molly got more and more pregnant as we spent more and more time playing … Continue reading September

I’m Back

It’s been an interesting summer, fall and beginning of winter. Our family has had some really rough times, and it’s tested our family and faith for sure.   I see now more than ever how much I really need to write on my blog, because it’s a fun, creative writing activity that is just for Mommy.   I started taking pictures of this tanning a couple months ago, with the intention of posting it on the blog. Now you’re going to get to see these! This is our first time tanning, by no means are we experts, or even CLOSE … Continue reading I’m Back

Deer Fever.

Also affectionately known as ‘Buck Fever’. You know you’re starting to get it bad when it’s still 5 months away and you’re itching from the heat of it. Sofya, over at The Girls’ Guide to Guns and Butter, was talking about hunting yesterday. It ticked the fever to a whole other level. (Shot at my Mom’s house just before dark. Didn’t get pictures until after dark though! Had to milk with headlamps that night…2008) I haven’t been able to hunt much in the last couple years. Raising a baby does that to you apparently. I was raised in a pro-hunting … Continue reading Deer Fever.