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Homegrown Flower Tea Mix

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Welcome to the Venison for Dinner Insiders Club, affectionately known as Our Homemade Life. For those wanting to take a deeper dive into how our family, Kate and Marius Schat, manage to homeschool, homestead, cook from scratch- you’ve come to the right place.

Why would I want to pay for a monthly subscription?

If you find yourself wishing for MORE from Venison for Dinner— More real food, straight forward recipes, more down to earth videos, more hand holding on topics like cheesemaking, garden growing, butchering, and more, this may interest you. All member content, videos and blog posts, are advertisement free so you can enjoy the content without distraction. Supporting creators like me with a monthly subscription is a way to help me continue creating approachable, real life, practical content, without selling out to advertisers. 

What will you get out of this?

Every Month theres a focus- to keep us from getting too scattered and learn about one thing at a time. We’ve covered some home dairy (asiago, gouda and butterkaese cheese!), pressure canning with an emphasis on proteins, fermentation, soap making, home apothecary, a bit of butchering/slaughtering, freezer cooking and next up is a focus on using Unrefined Sugars like Honey, Maple Syrup and Coconut sugar. All those topics y’all have been asking for MORE on for years, I aim to deliver. 

Here’s my goal- every month we will do a live stream, open for Q+A’s but also covering a topic like homemade butter, cutting up a whole chicken after its been butchered, our chore system for kids, more in depth garden tours, how we manage in winter, how we farm AND homeschool- all practical things for your homemade life. These livestreams will be saved for later viewing.

I wont lie; Theres a heavy focus on growing your own. As more families turn towards self sufficiency, learning these lost arts is more crucial than ever. Its been hard to figure out how to share making these hard cheeses and all the other dairy products we make for ourselves but I want others to figure out how to fit it into their own lives too, cause the amount of families I see who have a milk cow yet never make cheese…is astounding.

In addition to these livestreams I to provide you with exclusive vlogs, how-to’s and recipes on a monthly basis.

By popular demand, I’ve also rolled an exclusive facebook group so we can discuss the vlogs and recipes, chat about topics related to homesteading, motherhood and cooking from scratch and discuss deeper with like minded individuals.

Last but definitely not least, we’ve got a little something up our sleeves for instagram where you’ll get to see things first, before everyone else, as well as those things that maybe aren’t for sharing with the general public? You’ll get to see those. 

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