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If you find yourself wanting MORE Venison For Dinner - More approachable recipes, more behind the scenes, more real life livings of the Schat Family, you've come to the right place.

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In Previous Months We've Focused on...

Pressure canning proteins
Home apothecary
Soap making
Using natural sweeteners

Upcoming Months to Get Excited About...

Floral design
Wood fired oven
Plant based eating

Contributions From Other Experts in Their Fields

Crystal from Whole Fed Homestead

Crystal from Whole Fed Homestead walks us through her beautiful heirloom gardens and gives members all of the best gardening tips.

Jessica three rivers homestead

Jessica from Three Rivers Homestead

Jessica from Three Rivers Homestead is a mom of 7 in a family that cannot tolerate lactose. She gives members exclusive recipes to dairy-free foods!

Marissa Froese

Marissa and her family have been gluten-free for 11 years. She shows members how to have a gluten-free homestead! Take a walk through her gluten-free pantry and learn all the tricks!

A community for those striving to live an intentional life and foster traditional skills, we will support your homesteading at any level.

What Our Members Have to Say

"I have learned and am still learning so much from Venison for Dinner! Kate and her family are truly inspiring! I live in a trailer park in town and have a very small yard. In the past I have just grown herbs and flowers but Kate has not only inspired me to start gardens and a berry patch, but we also just got 6 chickens! Kate's upbeatness and 'get this shit done' attitude is truly inspiring and enjoyable."


"The Our Homemade Life membership is about just that - helping you live a life that’s more from scratch. My family of 6 lives in a suburban neighborhood with a tiny garden and no animals, yet I still find the membership helpful in so many ways. On top of that, the [Facebook] community truly is amazing and the extra Instagram content is so much fun!"


"Venison for Dinner / Our Homemade Life has been a wealth of knowledge for me. Although I only homestead 5 acres and my livestock is currently just chickens, I’ve used countless recipes, learned butchering skills, and am looking forward to the month on foraging! I’ve gained a community to draw from. So happy I joined."


Some of Our Insider Videos

"Kate's membership is sooo much more than just for homesteading moms. I am almost 70, a wife, mom of two, and grandma to 3 mostly grown kiddos. What I truly love about the membership is the grace with which Kate pulls me in with family and homestead life, recipes, remedies, and just pure living her life. It's the mix of all of it that I treasure. Some I literally relate to, some is familiar for lots of different reasons, and some is new to me. I garden, make do with what we have at times, sew, cook, preserve food we've both grown and purchased, and love to eat. I also work part time for my husband's small business. We have a total of 1/2 acre between 2 city lots. I've used tons of Kate's recipes, and plan to make soap via the video with her mom. Seriously I could go on...but you get the picture."


"We recently bought 3.5 wooded acres and the Our Homemade Life membership has been so helpful! I’ve gone from trying things on my own to being a part of a community of amazing people trying to live in a “homemade” way and grow what they can. The insider's Instagram stories are what I watch instead of Netflix, and the bonus recipes and blog content never disappoint! The amount of content and community goes way beyond my small monthly investment, and I’m so thankful that the cost goes to support a family with values I share."


Inspiring you to do the best you can with what you have!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I join now, do I have access to previous months’ content?
Yes, joining now gives you access to ALL previous content for as long as you’re a member. 
Why are the prices in USD if you’re in Canada? 
I can only use one currency and I chose the majority.
Why would I pay for a membership when the internet is full of free resources?
Supporting creators like me with a monthly subscription is a way to help me continue creating approachable, real-life, practical content, without selling out to advertisers. 
Is it only for people who live on farms?
Check out the testimonials, I am told over and over again that no matter where you live, you can get something out of the Insiders Club. If you feel like an odd duck out when it comes to geeking out on homemade things, you’ll be right at home here.