Cocoa Almonds

Cocoa Almonds

Cocoa Almonds are a simple and tasty real food snack made with natural sweetener. Your family will gobble them up!  As with most recipes that become staples in our house, I found the recipe for Cocoa Almonds in a cookbook… But then I decided there were unnecessary steps and ingredients in the recipe. I knew I could streamline it to make simpler. Because the only way real food happens daily in our house is if it’s simple!  This recipe is equally if not more so amazing if you want to splurge and substitute hazelnuts for the almonds! Continue reading Cocoa Almonds

Five Fast Toddler Snacks

If you know me, you’ll know I am not into prepackaged snacks, especially processed. I hate the ingredient list, and I hate the price!   Here is 5 of Mac’s favourite snacks, but more than anything, they are FAST snacks for when your child screams   “I HUNGY!!”   Clockwise from left: Fruit Leather: This is homemade, simply dehydrate applesauce with the addition of cinnamon and vanilla. I made tons in the summer to have bounty in the winter. There is many options for storebought fruit leather, just be careful of additives or sneaky ways they add sugar, such as … Continue reading Five Fast Toddler Snacks

An Ode to Canning Jars

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujar! I use canning jars for everything. Pint jars, Quart Jars, Half-pints, small mouth, wide mouths. Even the teeny weeny 1/4 pint ones! And Salmon jars. Homemade Ketchup, while yummy on meats, it does not replace ketchup, but is very good roasted or baked on meats! This is in a fancy half pint, knickname being ‘Jam Jar’. This has a strong allspice taste, as I accidently poured a leettle bit too much in! I use jars for more than just canning. I like to keep baking supplies in jars so that I don’t have 5 gajillion different bags, … Continue reading An Ode to Canning Jars