Sharing My Cookbooks Part 2

If you haven’t read Sharing my Cookbooks Part 1, you can go do that now or after, I’ll leave it up to you… Its hard to pick favourites…I just can’t do it! So I’m going to share what’s presently on … Continue reading Sharing My Cookbooks Part 2


How we eat.

Something that boggles peoples mind is how we eat and grocery shop. To me, it’s natural, but it’s how we’ve trained ourselves to be! I believe every family should have a few rules they stick to when eating. Here are ours: -Only eat produce from our province, BC, or Organic if from elsewhere. -Meat must be local or organic. -Sweets and baking are homemade. We are so blessed to have the land to raise our own animals, for that, I am so thankful! We hunt, fish and farm to our fullest extent including: Our own milking cow, cows, pigs and … Continue reading How we eat.