Sharing My Cookbooks, Part 1

Its hard to pick favourites…I just can’t do it! So I’m going to share what’s presently on my shelf. Part 1 is all cookbooks, Part 2 will be baking/other. I’m adding Amazon links, more for the fact that you’ll be … Continue reading Sharing My Cookbooks, Part 1


Cookbook’s I love! ~ Dinner: A Love Story

I always want to read what people think about cookbooks. I don’t actually have that many, (10? 12?) but I’m always on the look out for the next one. Maybe you’ll like some of the ones I have? So I LOVE LOVE LOVE (Did I mention Love?) Jenny and Andy’s blog, Dinner: A Love Story, so it was no surprise that I jumped on their book when it came out! Some of my favourite cookbooks are those that were born out of a blog.  Isn’t the cover just so cute!? I love that the pages are the right texture for … Continue reading Cookbook’s I love! ~ Dinner: A Love Story

Blogs I <3

Anyone in my family can tell you Im a wee bit obsessed with reading blogs. I just love them. I think they are so neat! Here is some that I read on a regular basis! In support of my fellow bloggers, I would love if you would check them all out! They are all fantastic blogs. Four Little Fergusons Tonya from Kansas writes this blog, and she is an amazing woman of God, who writes about their daily life with 4 little kids, her husband, recipes and all things Godly. Easy Gluten Free Goodies The name says it all, but … Continue reading Blogs I <3