Grandma Marg’s Flexible Waffle Recipe

Now, my Grandma Marg was not overly known for her kitchen prowess, but there’s a couple recipes, such as her Maple Walnut Fudge, and these waffles, that have stood the test of time! I prefer to soak or sourdough waffles, but when we just need some last minute, these fit the bill. Because sometimes you just need last minute waffles. Growing up, we were taught a little trick to baking, in which you didnt sift together the dry ingredients, or mix them separately in a bowl. Instead, you mix all your wet ingredients together, then put your flour in one … Continue reading Grandma Marg’s Flexible Waffle Recipe

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Maple Syrup Snow Candy

In our family, we have cold weather traditions. This makes the winter days not quite so long. Really blizzardy day? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! First day below -30C? Maple syrup snow candy! Most recipes I’ve seen call for a cup of maple syrup but I find for 5 kids and two adults (my niece and nephew are usually here for it), half a cup means everyone gets a treat without it being excessive or too expensive. Maple syrup ain’t cheap yo! Continue reading Maple Syrup Snow Candy

Cocoa Almonds

Cocoa Almonds

Cocoa Almonds are a simple and tasty real food snack made with natural sweetener. Your family will gobble them up!  As with most recipes that become staples in our house, I found the recipe for Cocoa Almonds in a cookbook… But then I decided there were unnecessary steps and ingredients in the recipe. I knew I could streamline it to make simpler. Because the only way real food happens daily in our house is if it’s simple!  This recipe is equally if not more so amazing if you want to splurge and substitute hazelnuts for the almonds! Continue reading Cocoa Almonds