Sharing My Cookbooks Part 2

If you haven’t read Sharing my Cookbooks Part 1, you can go do that now or after, I’ll leave it up to you… Its hard to pick favourites…I just can’t do it! So I’m going to share what’s presently on … Continue reading Sharing My Cookbooks Part 2


Blueberry Crumble Pie

Cowboy and Mac went to a friends house before meeting at my Grandma’s for dinner…I’m waiting for bbq sauce to cook down on the stove, I figured I’d use this quiet alone time to update a few things 🙂   On Fathers Day I was laying with Cowboy on the couch flipping through Modern Baker Cookbook. He gave it to me for Christmas in 2008 and I’ve loved it. I was going to be making pita bread from there so I wanted to refresh my mind on how long it took. Every other page he would go “Ooooh make that!” … Continue reading Blueberry Crumble Pie