Sharing My Cookbooks, Part 1

Its hard to pick favourites…I just can’t do it! So I’m going to share what’s presently on my shelf. Part 1 is all cookbooks, Part 2 will be baking/other. I’m adding Amazon links, more for the fact that you’ll be … Continue reading Sharing My Cookbooks, Part 1


Tender, Tasty, Teriyaki Marinade

I’m in love with this marinade. It was really hard to get this picture. I had Marius standing over my shoulder grabbing bites inbetween photos asking “Can we eat yet, can we eat yet?” You’d swear he was the three year old. Get yourself some venison soaking in this, and you know you’re in for a delicious meal. Best part? Its amazing cold. So I love to make extra and have it on a salad the next day. In the photo I did venison tenderloins (Not the big backstrap tenderloins that are more common, but the inner rib cage melt-in-your-mouth-like-butter ones. … Continue reading Tender, Tasty, Teriyaki Marinade