• Homegrown Flower Tea Mix
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    Homegrown Flower Tea

    Many summer garden flowers are full of nutrients & benefits that make a wonderful Homegrown Flower Tea. The combination of calendula, marigold, rose petals and mint make the most beautiful floral tea mix!

  • Green Tea Elixir

    Green Tea Elixir

    When I'm sick I drink Green Tea Elixir on repeat! In fact, I'll crave it. This powerful antioxidant-rich beverage will have your immune system in top shape in no time. I've been drinking…

  • Herbal Nettle Rose Tea
    DIY,  drink

    Nettle Rose Tea

    Think you're not a tea drinker? You might want to think again! Herbal teas have such a diverse range of flavors and this nutritive Nettle Rose Tea might just be the tea to…

  • Summer

    Kate’s Iced Tea

    Marius says I make THE BEST Iced Tea. And since he’s the Man of The House, what he says is Law, and therefore, he’s gotta be right, right? ;) Think homemade snapple and…