Venison Heart

Pan Fried Deer Heart

Try this simple and delicious way to cook Pan-Fried Deer Heart. (Even if you don’t like other organs, the heart is delicious!) Continue reading Pan Fried Deer Heart


Tender, Tasty, Teriyaki Marinade

I’m in love with this marinade. It was really hard to get this picture. I had Marius standing over my shoulder grabbing bites inbetween photos asking “Can we eat yet, can we eat yet?” You’d swear he was the three year old. Get yourself some venison soaking in this, and you know you’re in for a delicious meal. Best part? Its amazing cold. So I love to make extra and have it on a salad the next day. In the photo I did venison tenderloins (Not the big backstrap tenderloins that are more common, but the inner rib cage melt-in-your-mouth-like-butter ones. … Continue reading Tender, Tasty, Teriyaki Marinade

Our New Years Eve Chinese Food Feast!

On New Years Eve my cousin and his family came over to spend the evening and night. They have 2 children under 4, and we have a 2 1/2 yr old. So nobody gets out to a party. Especially since our mothers love to go out to friends places on New Years, thus ridding us of babysitters. Gee, Thanks Mom.   Hi Mom! Hi Auntie Kath! I love you!   We decided this would be the best of both worlds! They came over, I made a spectacular dinner, and then they put their children to bed upstairs, we all had … Continue reading Our New Years Eve Chinese Food Feast!