Anywhere You Go Ebook

Real Food, Real Life Refresh your lunch packing mojo. To make packing lunches work, with some semblance of sanity, I had to figure out how I could prep ahead. Where I could take shortcuts? How could I keep things fresh and exciting, without grocery shopping every other day? This book is the answer to these questions and the years I have spent making food to go for my family.

Boathouse Summers Ebook

Friend- I’ve dreamed of writing a cookbook for years. Quite frankly the process of writing a full length cookbook is overwhelming, so I thought I’d try an ebook first. I hope you enjoy this collection of summer recipes, with stories of my childhood intertwined...

Pottery Collaboration with Sift Ceramics

A limited edition mug collection that is a custom collaboration between Sift Ceramics and Venison for Dinner!