Our Homemade Life 2023 PDF Planner

I always struggled to find a planner that allowed me space for To-Do lists AND the planning needed to run a bustling household like ours. Look no farther friends, the 2023 Our Homemade Life Planner has all of that!

Small Beginnings

Does Wasting Food Just Tick You Off? ...and yet sometimes, you struggle with how to use up odds and ends before they go bad. What you'll get: 18 well tested recipes (that easily customize to your diet), stories of my farming firsts, & ideas to Spark Your Food Creativity

Anywhere You Go Ebook

Real Food, Real Life Refresh your lunch packing mojo. To make packing lunches work, with some semblance of sanity, I had to figure out how I could prep ahead. Where I could take shortcuts? How could I keep things fresh and exciting, without grocery shopping every other day? This book is the answer to these questions and the years I have spent making food to go for my family.

Boathouse Summers Ebook

Friend- I’ve dreamed of writing a cookbook for years. Quite frankly the process of writing a full length cookbook is overwhelming, so I thought I’d try an ebook first. I hope you enjoy this collection of summer recipes, with stories of my childhood intertwined...

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Homesteading Without the BS

A community for those striving to live an intentional life and foster traditional skills, we will support your homesteading at any level.


It's Cheesemaking Without the BS

Picture this- a cheese full of aged cheeses. The best part? You made them yourself. I've been making 99% of our families cheese and dairy products since 2019 and I'm here to tell you, its an attainable like, what are you waiting for?

It's Clabber Without the BS

How to start your own clabber culture for natural cheesemaking and make a simple yet delicous wheel of Alpine Cheese.
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