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Big Batch Elderberry Syrup

Make this big batch of immune boosting Elderberry Syrup next time you start coming down with a cold and store the extras in the fridge or freezer! Continue reading Big Batch Elderberry Syrup

Rustic Fruit Tart

Rustic Fruit Tart

I’ve been making Rustic Fruit Tart for eons. Or as much as a 25 year old could have baked in their life. It’s the perfect palette for whatever fruit is in season, your fridge, or your freezer. This one was rhubarb, peach and cranberries. The cranberries were just a hint, enough to add a zing. I find it much easier than a dish pie to make and it’s great for a casual dessert, yet has a rustic greatness that you could put on any fancy plate to dress it up. No plate needed! So take it to a summer BBQ and share it around! I hope you enjoy it, because it’s a family favourite! Continue reading Rustic Fruit Tart