The Thing About Gingersnap

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Is that her hair is red. Didja guess that?

She’s also my oldest sister. There is three of us in total. By the way.

And we have the most amazing Mommy in the world.

But back to Gingersnap, right?

She loved that I wrote about her fiance, shall we call him, Drillerman?

Absolutely Tickled Pink.

The thing about Drillerman, is that he works in camp diamond drilling, and goes away for long periods of time.

Like weeks and weeks and weeks.

It makes Gingersnap a saaad saaad girl 🙁

But she keeps her self busy working, taking care of their horses, dogs and cats.

You do have cats, don’t you Gingersnap?

The thing about Gingersnap, is that if I don’t e-mail or text her for a couple days, she sends me something like:

“Aren’t you going to ever reply to me?”


“Heelllooo? Anybody there?”

You could say we’re in constant conversation. Except we never actually talk on the phone,


Get this,

She doesn’t even have a home phone AND her cell phone only has enough service for texting at their house.

Unless she puts her ear against the icy cold window or braves the cold,

She lives in the North, you know,

To go sit in the truck and talk on the phone.

The thing about Gingersnap,

Is that she really does look good in green!

They say all redheads do.

The thing about Gingersnap,

Is that she used to wear stilletto shoes and fancy boots on a regular basis.

Then she forayed into the Great White North,

Fell in love, and promptly stayed there.

In a wee old cabin with an oven that only half the burners work on!

How does she survive?! I do not know.

But she makes it work.

The thing about Gingersnap,

Is that she’s going to be guest posting for me soon!

So stayed tuned…

10 thoughts on “The Thing About Gingersnap

  1. omygosh you CANNOT call him goatcheese as his blog nickname….
    call him something like drillerman or bushman

  2. Gingersnap sounds like a brave, brave woman! I LOVE the name Goat Cheese, it’s hysterical! I am so glad to have you as my FBook friend, now I can see whenever you post! Hurray! 🙂

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